The month of My birth is here and I will be celebrating throughout! For My many thoughtful subs, sissies and whores Mistress is graciously offering a guiding light for gift ideas. Some of My favorite things include Il Bolero, Northbound, Vivianna’s Day Spa, and Amazon gift certificates. Dungeon gear, wardrobe and furniture always make a sizzle. Although gifts are nice, its not expected. If money is tight but you would still like to pay hommage to the Goddess, a thoughtfully written poem or review is equally appreciated and always well received. ?

Many of you reading know that last week I returned from Fetish Factory’s 18th Anniversary Fetish Weekend in beautiful Fort Lauderdale. Without divulging too many details, the trip was outstanding! During that time the hotel is exclusively reserved for, and gets taken over by, pervacious kinksters and fun loving fetishists from around the world. The amount of creativity, deviance and delectable eye candy gathered under one roof is truly an experience to behold!

Travelling by air to attend a party of this scale is exciting but can make packing a daunting task. Shoes, boots, outfits, hair, makeup, and toiletries are planned and packed. Toys and implements must be chosen with care. This may not sound challenging, until thoughts start to wander to all the kinky mischief that one could potentially get up to, and it can be quite titillating. You want to bring all the pretty and shiny CBT gear, butt plugs, strap-ons and dildos of different colours and sizes, floggers, whips, paddles, hooks, clamps, harness, gags, rope, and don’t forget the violet wand kit, and the sensory deprivation hood… anyway you get the point! Last year Mistress discovered how the cost of these little treasures can add up if one is not discerning about the weight restrictions.

It never fails, if you have a freak in the trunk – it will get searched. It’s quite amusing when customs officers point me to the back room, the rubber gloves come out and the toys get discovered. This particular scenario went something like this…

“So what will you be doing on your trip Miss?”

“I’m going to a fetish party in Florida.”

The dildos get uncovered right away and he raises his eyebrows.

“It`s that kind of party is it.”

Then fumbling past the single tail and strap on harness, he picks up the anal hook for inspection. Genuine perplexed curiosity takes over his unimpressed face.

I get a little bold and say, “Haven’t you seen an anal hook before?”

Disgustedly, he drops the steel hook, closes the case and sends me through. I wait until reunited with travel companions at the security gate and we share a good chuckle.

Upon arrival to FF things heat up quickly with temperatures reaching into the high thirties and forties. My travel sub serves and suffers valiantly throughout the weekend, getting used and abused in both public and private. (Actually, I beat the shit out of him numerous times! haha) Rest assured that good use is made of all My officiously checked equipment. ?

The days and nights blend, blur and fly by. Eight fetish/kink themed parties over the course of four days! There is fantastic playtime with kinky friends old and new. Then it’s all over far too quickly. There is packing to be done (you know that story already) and goodbyes to be said. A BBQ around the pool, indulging in great food and drink with friends, is the perfect ending to this already awesome weekend. It’s not goodbye to Florida, it’s I’ll be seeing you next year! That’s the quick and clean…. LoL

Will put a couple pics up soon.

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