this week’s heavy sessions

With my departure date fast approaching, I am busier than ever with trip related errands, and taking care of my devotees, while dominating my day to day tasks. However, I have had and am having some pretty cool and elaborate scenes before I go. The sort that deserve a worthy mention here (I deserve a cookie, haha!)

Last Saturday, I received a spontaneous text msg early in the day from a very familiar pig, (I call him slut Julie) asking for “the usual” – which is anything but typical for the average whore haha. Our “usual” scenes flow best at his place, which a large luxury country house..  Normally, Mistress doesn’t do out calls, but this is a special case, and I really enjoy letting this hungry toilet be the exception to the rule.

Beating, feeding, fisting, forced Bi.. Rinse and Repeat.. The Breaking of a Slut. Pretty much the Femdom version of the Story of O…

In historical session’s, we have utilized Craigslist casual ad’s for dick-on-demand, organized hotel gangbangs, etc , no standout encounters though .. This time Julie had a few Bulls on speed dial! One of them is an experienced Master. I was quite impressed with this bold slut venturing out into unknown territory on her own  – Master J was available, and not very far away.

After some back and forth txts, and a quick chat, MasterJ was on route to co-top and destroy julies pussy.  Together we made an exquisite team, and use of julie through forced cock worship, piss drinking, fisting and stretching, and a severe caning.. John and I hit it off so well, we exchanged numbers with future get together’s in mind. so I now have a hung gay top in my speed-dial for any forced-bi, co-topping duos!  (*delighted squeal*)

But, enough about that, this is the real reason I am taking the time to write on a busy day… At the end of the week, I have another elaborate session that involves an arrest warrant, kidnapping/abandonment, jailhouse beating, overnight confinement wrapped up in a blackmail package. Yes, consensual blackmail, edgy play.  I managed to get him to surrender VERY sensitive information – and now he is Mine completely. Forced to comply to everything planned, no take-backs. No mercy.

In order to show him I know how to play my hand, I am going to leak a little bit of his information on a daily basis until I have him in custody … I have a picture of his drivers license, and his plate number, which enough information that google can do the rest *cough*

Today I will reveal the 2nd and last 3 digits of his plate number… and his initials. Stay tuned as I will be revealing more of his info as the week progresses, he must turn himself in to clear his name.

***UPDATE *** This session has been postponed due to Mistress being to ill to play …

this bitch now has to wait 6wks until I’m back ***

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  • slut julie
    June 28, 2019 - 9:04 pm · Reply

    i am slut julie and have seen Goddess Hellfire several times over Her years in Ottawa. i am experienced and seek quality over quantity. i save to properly fund a Lady that has the skills and passion to take things quite far in a scene where i can accept very extreme use and humiliation. It is my occasional selfish treat. i have travelled globally and seen Pros that are known for their skills and will deliver what the client negotiates. i’ve evolved but never really knew i was a heavy player. i say all this to let you boys and girls know that Goddess Hellfire is the One you should chose. She will deliver what you ask for and put you in a headspace that provides you to fulfill your fantasies without judgement. You can trust Her and just let yourself go … She has guided me to accept what i originally struggle with and i hope we go further. You deserve to fulfill yourself and She is the best One to help You.

    • goddess
      July 4, 2019 - 3:18 pm · Reply

      Thank you for the kind words, julie.
      Being part of your growth and expansion is rewarding for Me as well. And pushing you just a bit further each time is as exciting for Me as it is for you 😉 Looking forward to taking you on your next club-slut escape.


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