This one put in a request to be used and abused which is nothing new but this little piggy was determined so I started adding My own little touches as session day approached. Sissy whore training, of course was added and fortunately pig let Me know that he wanted to be used as a cum dumpster. Anal training and presession orgasm denial was a must have for this one, I wanted his load as big as possible.

The night of the session he was instructed to do an internal cleanse and arrive plugged. Upon entering he was immediately stripped of his male ego, and sissified for My amusement. Going over the rules I decided that he was to function as My ashtray, which he did, right down to putting it out on his tongue. What a trooper My pig turned out to be !

During the presession chat he was informed that if he pleased Me he would be rewarded, and likewise if he underperformed he would be rewarded, for My amusement. After all, pleasing Me is a reward in and of itself.

Throughout the session he was introduced to various implements and activities, but the focus was on cock sucking and fucking. He showed he had talents for oral servitude and when I see a whore working so hard the only reward should be a big load.

Afterwards his performance was evaluated and it was decided that he would be both punished and rewarded. His underperformance in taking my cock in his ass warranted a toilet scrubbing which I ensured was done exactly to My specifications.

His cocksucking however was exemplary and was to be rewarded with an extra load of cum…

The piggy was permitted and positioned to release on his face and instructed to hit his gaping open mouth, adding to his own load was a rather large cumsicle I had on ice from My personal slave. What a nice touch, he left with a sore ass, cock on his breath and a tummy full of cum. My little truck stop whore had earned it well. I don’t accept underperformers and when a pig goes just a little further for Me I do appreciate and acknowledge it.

Pig you have earned a special mention and are welcome back any time!


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