Testimonials from My slaves & submissives

What they say about Goddess Hellfire
Being able to serve You and and openly express my submissive feminine side is so liberating. Thank You for creating an environment where i can feel free to be the real me and for Your training, guidance and understanding. And thank You for being You, the absolute definition of beauty, intelligence and elegance. A true Goddess. At Your feet, submissively


I just wanted to thank you for what I found to be an outstanding session. I immensely enjoyed the way you took charge right off the bat, and quite enjoyed (in a fashion) the way you explored and pushed my boundaries in different directions. In particular, I appreciated the concept of restraints and how they were applied to me, to say nothing of the sincere enjoyment you seemed to take at my predicament(s). The way you took me at the end was certainly both fitting and memorable! I hope to have the privilege to submit again.

slave L

Mistress, I just wanted to quickly reiterate my thanks for another great session. Quite enjoyed all the new things we tried; as always,You have a deft hand for introducing new elements in measured fashion. Looking forward to further adventure with you next time!