It’s Tuesday and I’m on my way home from a strenuous work out at the gym. Yes, it’s true, Mistress works hard to maintain the fantastic ass Her very fortunate subs worship and adore, but I digress. I’m tired and need to relax. A nice hot bath will be just the thing. Maybe a little humiliation too!

When I arrive home My personal slave, pathetic panty bitch or ppb for short, is waiting for Me just inside the door. On his knees, pathetically pathetic as always, an inflatable butt plug secured in his pussy ass and wearing a pair of frilly pink panties that do little to disguise a very noticeable erection. Pre-cum is already oozing onto the sheer material that covers his quivering boy clit. It is touching just how desperate he is to serve. LoL

Oh my how things have changed over the past few years. ppb first came to Me just as another pay as you go sub. In for a quick spank and wank every few months and caring, just like any selfish pig, only for his own needs. Fortunately, for him, I realized his long term sub potential and adopted him into My fold. Today he kneels before Me rechristened and reconditioned. In tune only with My needs. Any pleasure he experiences strictly controlled by Me. An instantaneous erection, often accompanied by tears of gratitude, quickly appears anytime ppb is granted the slightest privilege from Me. Particular favourites he has been subtly taught to desperately desire include, honestly ;), sucking on My farts and sniffing My fragrant armpits. Obviously, I own this bitch body and soul!

After presenting Me with a cool glass of lemon water he grovels at My feet gratefully kissing my well worn workout shoes. It is just so satisfying to see how happy he is to welcome Mistress home. Perhaps too happy as I notice the tip of his erect cock now peeping over the waistband of his panties. Maybe I should take pity on poor ppb. After all it has been weeks since his last release and he so craves My attention. So I give him some ! A sharp kick to his swollen balls serves to refocus ppb. While wincing through the pain he thanks Me and begs another. his sad little clit cock bobs in acquiescence to this intimacy between us.

he removes My shoes and I beckon the bitch to crawl after Me. Of course he’s as obedient as horny puppy. As I sit on the couch I notice his clover clamps on the side table with an old stocking still attached to the chain. Instinctively I grab and make use of them . he groans with perverse delight as I gently tug the nylon towards My feet. This allows him to kiss and smell My sweaty work out scented socks. ppb is literally trembling with pleasure as he attends to this task. In between kisses he heaps praise upon Me and pledges his eternal surrender to Me. I ignore him while checking My text messages, wrapping the nylon once more around my hand to better handle the phone and him. He starts to whimper and moan, kissing My feet with more intensity. I continue to not notice him and play with My phone.

I tease and torment him like this for a while more before reaching to the side table for the industrial strength alligator clamps. I adeptly replace the lightweight sissy clamps, but attach the clovers to the alligators ends so I still have My leash. Just for fun I intensify his predicament by giving the butt plug a few more pumps, prodding its base with My toe to make sure it remains snuggly inserted. ppb is now oh so pliable to My directions. He is embarrassingly erect and a drop of precum is visible dripping through his panties now. I yank the chain and give him a disgusted look. he gazes up at Me longingly. his one true Goddess. I brush the jizz away with My finger and hold it up for him to greedily lick off, then deliver a sharp slap to his face and call him a panty wetter. I not so gently tug him back towards My feet to allow him a few more moments of ecstasy. I have a couple of calls to make anyhow.

I release his nipples and task him to draw My bath and light the bathroom with My favourite scented candles. A look of disappointment, ever so subtle, crosses his face. I harshly yank his head back by the hair and direct him with a stern look. ppb must learn that it is not about him anymore. He apologizes profusely, as My disappointment is what he fears most, and follows My instruction without further delay.

I sigh with relief as I lower myself into the hot bubble bath. I hear him moaning softly on the other side of the door where he kneels, faithfully awaiting My leisure. I have reattached the milder clover clamps, being such a beneficent Goddess, and tied them off to the door knob. One of My dirty socks serves as a gag. The other covers his swollen little clitty, preventing his inevitable drops of cum from My floor. The butt plug is now vibrating away. (oops, a nice little feature I forgot to mention.) he will not touch himself without My permission, knowing the dire consequences of disobedience.

I cannot help but smile wickedly to Myself. Suffer for Mistress,pathetic panty bitch!

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  • Penguin
    December 24, 2020 - 7:05 am · Reply

    I have admired. Goddess Hellfire from the moment I saw you! I’m jelly of ppb. How blessed to be so close to the one true Goddess Hellfire! Coming to terms with my own flaws being honest with myself I am coming closer to being able to travel without worry. It’s been a long 4 years to get here. By bettering myself I one day will be coming to see you in the House of Hellfire!

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