Spring-Fling with My dirty panties!

Due to popular demand on Insta, I am continuing the spring cleaning panty sale for the next 10 days. I have 3 pairs going out in the mail today, and wearing one as I type. This amuses me on many levels. It has also inspired me to thin out the panty drawer even more!

Maybe you are a distant worshiper who wants to smell and hold my panties, like sacred prayer beads, and sleep with them under pillow (my fav haha), or a secret sissy who wants to wear them to work and walk around with a smile all day. Or a wimpy virgin who has never been so close to a Woman, or just a perv with a panty fetish…

If you would like a freshly worn souvenir from My panty drawer, this is what you can expect:

  1. A quick & dirty transaction (lol) my time is too valuable to spend on panty sale negotiations.
  2. $50 Payment upfront. (ONLY Paypal or pre-agreed Giftcard’s will be accepted)
  3. Canada &US regular post included! (provide all postage info)
  4. Notice when it is on its way to you

You get…

  1. 1 pair of dirty panties, vaccu-sealed to preserve scent and freshness (aren’t I thoughtful?)
  2. A picture of My glorious Goddess ass in your new panties
  3. Personalized note

Get in touch here, panty-boy, supply is limited and 10 days passes fast..

In Goddess you trust

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