It is springtime in My domain and all shades of pain and humiliation are now in full and vivid bloom. I summon all of My little piggies, sissy subs and pain sluts to shake off winter’s cold cruel chill and experience a new Season of Suffering. All who have been dripping in anticipation at My return from extended educational hiatus, may now resubmit applications to serve.

A few new deviant devices have recently been added to the House of Hellfire’s harrowing gauntlet that are guaranteed to elicit exquisite sufferings, and nothing amuses Me more. A full on medical examination table, with gyno stirrups, perfect for those in depth examinations and the Deviant Doctor is most assuredly in ! I have also added a bondage cage ideal for naughty puppies in need of punishment. I’m always looking for more electric play aficionados with My ever increasing collection of shock therapy implements. Any willing guinea pigs out there that think they can take what really makes Me happy ?

Can you handle the personification of feminine beauty and dominance? Are you worthy to worship at My feet? The One True Goddess has returned and your salvation is near.

The Devious and Most Mischievous
Goddess Hellfire

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