It has been quite some time since My last blog entry this past summer, an omission which has not gone unnoticed. With winter now on its way, it may seem as if Mistress has left Her devoted slaves out in the cold, but there is a rather simple explanation for this for this recent chill.

Presently I am in school full time, resulting in session availability being significantly restricted. Although it would have been prudent to have posted this information more prominently at the beginning of term, the workload hit hard and fast. School took priority. However, the Google calendar has always been visible and accurately reflecting My schedule.

While My web presence hasn’t been exactly active of late, the deviant inner workings at House of Hellfire are alive and thriving. New pieces of equipment are continuously being added to My extensive collection and just waiting to be tested out on willing guinea pigs. In fact a delightful new device, which I can hardly wait to realize its potential, has just arrived from My good friends at Kustom Designs in Montreal. Now, more than ever, I need My amusements and nothing entertains quite so much as the humiliation and suffering of My subs, sissies, pain sluts and slaves!

As My responsibilities have been seriously time consuming I am aware it is My pets that feel this weight the most. Fortunately, I have trained them well and they eagerly line up like groupies desperate to get backstage. I would like to take a moment, but only a moment, to express appreciation to these very loyal pets who are waiting patiently in the wings for the return of My cruel attentions. This loyalty to Me does have its privileges and regular devotees will of course receive preferential treatment when it comes to scheduling.

If you are a first time applicant you should not expect to receive short notice attentions, it’s not possible. your patience is expected and appreciated. Mistress knows that waiting can be very difficult, but just remember that your pathetic desperation always brings a smile to My face.

Before signing off, I would like to acknowledge a select group of devoted creatures who have gone beyond expectation, in selfless acts of service and unwavering loyalty as I am well into My second year of this challenging educational endeavour. I shudder to think how weary your Mistress would be without you. Thank you boys!

The Deviant Demoness,
Goddess Hellfire!

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