New Year; New Goddess Hellfire

2022 greetings to My ever-growing collection of faithful betas, loyal bitches, dedicated subs, addicted slaves & obsessed little sissies. I hope that you were able to welcome in the new year with a bang! Every year with you is the best one yet! Here is to a lot more kinky cheer together in 2022! With the new year comes a fresh start and a chance to begin anew. Let the new year serve as your opportunity to reaffirm your devotion to your Goddess. For those of you who have yet to submit to Me, let 2022 be the year that your Goddess Hellfire addiction begins!


New In 2022

Please be aware that with this new year comes new rates. Yes, session rates will increase this year. For those of you already familiar with My rates, please pay particular attention. As always, My current rates can be found within the Session Page on this site.

Ensure that you are familiar with these rates before booking or making inquiries.

My devotees, both from years past and the new year ahead, you’ll notice that I have made an effort to keep the increase modest.

Your Goddess has also been hard at work to ensure your experience with Me is dynamic and filled with kinky fun. If you’ve been following, you already know that I have invested much blood, sweat & tears into revamping My dungeon in order to enhance your time with Me. Yes, there is plenty that is new to be excited about. Your time with Me will feature a new-look dungeon, new toys and implements, new sexy latex, and a lot more. So, say goodbye to the year now past, and welcome in 2022 with a new adventure with Me.

The Goddess HELLFIRE OnlyFans Experience

Many of you are already well-aware of The Goddess Hellfire OnlyFans Experience. If you have yet to explore My OnlyFans profile, there is a lot for you to discover. I am constantly active on OnlyFans, and I use this platform as a way to reach out and connect with My subbies. If you, like so many, are desperate for everything Hellfire, this space is designed & used as an interactive, multi-media Goddess Hellfire encounter. By joining, you instantly gain entry into My realm, and gain a valuable opportunity to capture My attention.

Here, more than anywhere else, you have an opportunity to interact with Me one-on-one. This is where we can communicate and get to know one another. Those admiring me from afar are able to take your devotion to the next level by turning fantasy into reality. I take care in replying to your messages and I do greatly enjoy hearing from you.

I am constantly busy at work on OnlyFans, continuously posting new fetish-filled content to feed your filthy fantasies. When you subscribe, there is no shortage of kinky content for you to enjoy. No matter what your fetish, there is always something for everyone. You are encouraged to enjoy My POV content, as well as that which takes you inside a Goddess Hellfire session. Perhaps you’ve never had a personal session with me, but have fantasized about what it would be like. Here, my lucky subscribers can glimpse inside a variety of kinky sessions. Additionally on OnlyFans, my fans are able to peak inside a day in the life of a true Goddess by viewing content that includes everything from My gym workouts to My pedicure visits.

Great Time To Join

Whether you are an admirer who has yet to bask in the light of My presence, or simply someone who can never get enough Goddess Hellfire, OnlyFans is a great way to get to know Me better. The beginning of this new 2022 year is the perfect time to join – either to see what you’ve been missing, or to feed your existing addiction.

From now to the end of January, take advantage of My limited OnlyFans sale.

Subscribers get 25% off on annual subscriptions, here.

Tip$ & Tribute$

As always, please be mindful of what it takes to please your Goddess. I value My relationships with all of My devoted followers, however you are encouraged to keep in mind that I am a Professional and great at what I do! As such, the simplest and most effective way to gain My attention is through Tip$ and Tribute$. As an OnlyFans subscriber, you have an opportunity to tip and tribute Me directly. I frequently check to see who has been generous, and those are the followers I interact with most. Even if you’ve yet to join Me on OnlyFans, if you want to catch My eye, take care to visit the Gifts Page on this site, or visit

A Better Year Ahead

2021 was challenging for so many. Now that it’s 2022, it is a time to be optimistic and hopeful for the year ahead. I am very much looking forward to getting to know all of you better this year. Whatever your New Year’s Resolutions are, be sure to include Goddess Hellfire on that list. Treat yourself to a personal session that you’ll still be talking about in 2023. If you’re unable to make your way to My newly styled dungeon, be sure to join My growing leagues on OnlyFans, book something online with Me and let your kinky desires bring in the new year!


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