Military Fetish in the Mediterranean

Military themed fetish photo shoot in the Mediterranean

April 2020
Who’s going to survive this?

My Campaign for world Domination continues one sleekly booted foot at a time… Soon after returning from Peru, I am traveling to South France where I am booked for a Military themed photo shoot April 6-13 2020.

In addition to indulging in My personal fetish and dressing for pleasure, I’ll be in a part of the Mediterranean I have not yet explored. I am thrilled My first visit to France will be to a land rich with Greek, Roman, Gallic, Saracen, Visigoth and Crusader tradition and history. How appropriate, indeed.

Goddess Hellfire’s Military Fetish mark’s the Med.

I am also excited to take this unique brand of custom tailored military fetishism to some ancient and medieval sites (away from prying eyes, of course) and out into the beautiful landscapes. I doubt the ancient stones I’ll be walking on have ever seen heels like these..

And, I could be walking on you too. There are a few time slots available for a photo slave to be involved, private session requests (or a mix of both) will be hosted by the regions esteemed Maitresse, Padrona Oscura, at Her Dungeon near Adge/Beziers. So, if you are in this part of Europe (Montpellier – or a flight away) and know how to submit to a Superior Female / Military Dominatrix who runs a strict Military fetish Boot Camp, then apply to your Kommandant now, schnell! (Fast!) This is not a ‘camo’ event, I will be modeling elegant ceremonial style uniforms with a fetish fascista flare. Sexy but formal, natürlich, and very Mir (Moi, in German). Yes, I had an early introduction to (and wicked-sized crush on) cult classic Femdom & She Villain, Dyanne Thorne. She definitely had an influence during My formative years. Hah!

Due to other travel commitments, sadly, I won’t be extending this trip to stay longer than the modeling contract requires (+ a few days). These dates are locked in — and in fashion with the main event; it’s planned, organized, structured, and I’m running the show. I will return to these parts, however, as other trans-Atlantic fetish adventures, events, Femdom collaborations and celebrations will be unpacked later this year.

And just like I was never gone, by mid-April I will be back to run the House of Hellfire and taking charge of My local subs, sissies, sluts and slaves.

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