Ottawa's Most Infamous Dominatrix

Goddess Hellfire

Welcome to My realm. I am the Deviant Demoness of your darkest desires, the One whom you long to worship, surrender to and suffer for. A captivating feminine force that you both desire and fear.

I am creative, passionate, sophisticated, twisted, sultry, sadistic, fun and occasionally sweet. I am Goddess Hellfire. The combination of My physical and intellectual presence inspires submission in those given the privilege to experience it.

I have been a professional Dominatrix and lifestyle Mistress for many years. I engage with creativity and passion. I enjoy what I do, and so do My playthings. Much can come to life within the range of O/our compatible interests, I encourage experienced submissives, masochists, fetishist’s and curious novices alike to embrace and explore their hidden nature and ‘misunderstood’ desires. Whether you’re a beginner looking to explore your submissive side or an advanced player wanting to delve into some deeper kinks, the approach I take is balanced between your needs and My desires, resulting in a mutually enjoyable and authentic Female domination experience that will leave you begging for more.

As a talented, intuitive and experienced Professional Dominatrix, I expect nothing less than your total obedience as the object of My amusement, if that’s what I wish you to be…
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Session’s with Goddess Hellfire