For Valentine’s, screw the roses and I will give you the thorns

Hello my pets.

It’s that special day in February and all you saints and sinners should know that my favorite color is Red, use that information as you like. Now then, kneel and let me welcome you to my new and improved website! House of Hellfire version 2.0.

It’s absolutely stunning. I am particularly pleased with the updated look and gallery and I know you are too. I also know what looking at those images did to you… and where. I am going to have to punish you for being such a little perv, aren’t I?

Maybe I will lock you up in chastity for a week, introduce you to the uncomfortable restriction of my new standing cock and ball pillory, or warm up your bottom with some good old fashioned domestic discipline. Many ideas come to mind… and with the chilly temps outside, I can think of no better way to shake off those Winter blues than a visit to the House of Hellfire.

For those unable to experience the purification of Hellfire in person, don’t despair. The beaten path to this Goddess’s feet and heart are a nice new pair of shoes/boots, or some latex 😉 Screw the roses and check out my Amazon gift list

Happy Valentines Day!

Goddess Hellfire

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