Couple’s Therapy

The week is now well under way, I hope you all enjoyed the weekend. I was pampered of course. Hair, nails, and a little shopping. I also received a few things from my wishlist, which is always nice. So a thank you to those that paid homage to your Goddess.

My weekend ended with a couple’s session that played perfectly to my sensual sadism style. The male (we will call him Ben)started coming to me professionally in 2013. In that time, I have shaped him into the glorious little pain slut he is today. His girlfriend of 5 years (Sarah) is aware of his masochistic tendencies but has no interest (or required skill set) in helping him live out these experiences. So she happily sends him my way.

In 2017 Ben asked if Sarah could accompany him to one of our evenings. She’s curious, he said. I let him know that I was more than willing to accommodate and include her in the evening’s scene. When meeting her, she was very sweet and I knew right away she was submissive, but gave her a little training on how to handle some implements to see how she responded, but quickly discovered taking a dominant role with Ben wasn’t on her interests list. Either way, we all had fun.

This last time when Ben asked if Sarah could come, I said sure, but let’s talk about her role.. later on in conversation, she expressed interest in being tied up while I worked on Ben.. I was more than happy to entertain this twist and got to work planning how it would unfold.

When they arrived they were both excited, I shared my vision, and discussed limits and safewords .. and the evening started. And for 2 hours I had them simultaneously stimulated in different ways, balancing their interests and experience levels in a fun and creative way. By the end Ben was grinning from ear to ear, endorphins surging, and Sarah was reeling from multiple forced orgasms. She had a nice introduction to bondage, domination & submission, – and the Hitachi.

I don’t know who had more fun, but it was a special event. This will be a night etched into their memories for a very long time.

Feeling inspired by these two, I have decided to offer a special 20% discount on sessions 2 hours and longer to any couples that would like to explore something unique together. This is My valentine’s gift to you!! I will offer this until March 10th, book it while its HoT!

As for the rest of you.. you know where you belong. In chains, at My feet.

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