There comes a time in a D/s relationship when the Mistress must mark Her territory. This does not happen over night. A slave must prove more than dedication and loyalty to the One it serves, this is an automatic prerequisite. Transcendence of the male ego and, at least in Goddess Hellfire’s stable, growth and humility are a must to complement the Highest Order of existence.

Yesterday marked such a day for gb and the perfect day it was to commemorate the lucky little beast’s service to Me. It was not only the celebratory date for the pets DOB or International Women’s Day, which is observed every day at HoH. Rather, the timeline which marked two and a half years in service to his One True Mistress and six weeks in chastity to Her.

A birthday session was in order. Over the course of the evening the patient little piggy was stripped, stretched, whipped, fucked like a bitch and branded with My initials GHH – and to his delight was allowed to release at his Mistresses feet before curling up at Her bedside for the night.

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  • Jonathan
    January 31, 2021 - 6:22 pm · Reply

    Well deserved by him. Congratulations to you both! What an honor it would be to find oneself in such a position!

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