Travel 2023

Greetings to My devoted boys, betas, & faithful Hellhounds. It’s been quite some time since My last post, to say the least!. I’ve missed you all, and we both know that you’ve missed Me! ….. It’s that time of year that you’ll want to book your 2023 Spring Session, before My travels & adventures begin.


Right on schedule, The Hellfire Spring Tour is near set to launch. Accordingly, it seems appropriate to update My loyal boys and followers. Indeed it’s been, and continues to be, an interesting, exciting time for personal evolution and growth for your Goddess.  But, I always make time to tend with care to my stable of eager subs. Especially given all the love and adoration heaped upon Me, it’s the least a Goddess can do!

Doing so with the level of care that you’ve come to expect from Me, I’m reading and replying to the stream of session & custom requests before I set out upon My Spring Tour. As you know, I take painstaking care to ensure your individual submissive needs are experienced and explored in a safe & sane; consensual & kinky manner.


Your beloved Goddess is departing May 14th, this year to attend the German Fetish Ball, … and beyond.  It’s always great fun, and a kinky time is always had by all. This year promises to be no different, and I can’t wait!. Some of the most devout Hellhounds will even be attending for their first time, just to present themselves and publicly submit to Me at this venue. Your Goddess Hellfire appreciates that kind of devotion. Keep your eager eyes peeled, because there is certain to be plenty of NEW CONTENT coming your way from my overseas exploits!

Following My extended stay in Germany, I’ll again be headed to the foreign shores of Southeast Asia. Here, through a bazaar of kink, I’ll be making the dreams of one particular Hellfire worshiper come true. He is a true beta, Hellhound with wondrous admiration for his Goddess. So at least for this lucky one, dreams really do come true ..albeit it at My rate, tribute & expenses 😉

This tour will last three months. Suffice to say, this will wedge a divide of great physical distance between most of us. Likely, until late in the summer season. I have much to do and prepare. There is limited opportunity to be bound and begging at my feet before I depart. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait to give yourself over to the indulgence of your addictive Femdom desires. I’m giving you the opportunity to taste the toes and indulge your addictive desires before My spring adventures commence. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Would you?


Each serious request will receive a reply. Don’t miss out on a real opportunity for an in-person session with Me! This is your chance to submit to the sadistic, seductive Mistress of your perverted dreams. Do make sure to review My Session & Rate Info. before booking. Mutual enjoyment of activities is important, so please send a polite, personal introduction when requesting a session. Please be specific & detailed. I look forward to considering your kinky requests.

So, don’t hesitate! Book your 2023 Spring Session with haste! Otherwise, your consuming need to submit to Me will have to wait upon My return. It could be an arduous, painful wait for you, and I wouldn’t wan’t you to suffer. Or, would I? Hmm … If you’ve yet to submit to Me, summon all your courage from within, and bow down before the pretty feet of a superior Goddess. Those of you who have already … well, you already know the agony and the ecstasy that await you. You know what to do.

Be sure to book your session. Don’t forget, multi-hour session discounts are available. Deposits mandatory on all requests for my time. And always remember, my very best boys know to show their appreciation.


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